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Get my Secrets to Your sexy summer body

And still keep that sexy body in October all through next year too...

Join Secrets to Sexy Summer Body and Learn How to Reclaim Your Curves Without Giving Up on Your Lifestyle.

Tuesday, June 20th at 6:00PM EST/ 5:00PM CST

Shinda (Age 46, Stylist) is down 31 lbs in 2 months and has more energy for her thriving business

Join our Secrets to Sexy Summer Body Masterclass

and Learn How to Reclaim Your Curves Without Giving Up on Your Lifestyle!

During the masterclass, you will learn weight loss techniques that are tailored to your lifestyle, body, and goals. 

Your very own, Ileka will guide you through the process and help you build healthy habits that last. You'll also gain the confidence and tools to make lasting changes, so you can feel better, look great, and love your body!

Sign up today and take the first step towards achieving your weight loss goals while embracing your curves!

And guess what, we have a special guest who'll be our MC for the masterclass - Deana Jones

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the things you love?

Are you tired of generic meal plans and one-size-fits-all fitness routines that just don't work for your busy lifestyle? It's time to discover a personalized solution that works for you!

Join our Secrets to Sexy Summer Body Masterclass.

During the masterclass, you'll also discover the secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that boosts your energy and confidence in both your business and personal life. Don't settle for generic solutions that just don't work. 

Sign up for our masterclass today and start living your best life!

I'll take you through my Proprietary Fuel Framework as we cover:

Where does it currently fit in your life and how can we shift to ensure you are eating to align with your goals. Create simple meal solutions that align with your individual goals.

Assess current exercise regimen, look at what can be improved, develop schedule that aligns to your fitness level and daily schedule.

Self Care
Understand what self-care actually is and how it shows up in your life. Allot calendar time to incorporates self care into each day.

See what Stephanie has to say...

"Ileka is very passionate about what sheImage does. She was able to switch my mindset about food and movement. Especially about being in control of the food and not the food being in control. It was helpful to look at my day hour by hour, and then figure out how I am going to fit in movement, nutrition, and self-care. Another thing I took away from the workshop is it's not about changing a whole lot. I just need to look at the food differently..."

Stephanie (Age 44, Teacher)

Introducing the...

Secrets to Sexy Summer Body masterclass

This isn't a masterclass where you just sit and listen.

You will be receiving actionable tools and taking action immediately.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • A comprehensive personalized plan that is flexible and allows you to implement immediately.

  • A lifestyle that will help you improve your health, have more energy, reduce stress, and drop those excess pounds without giving up what you enjoy in your current lifestyle.

  • Incorporate my 3 Step Fuel Framework for developing a plan that allows you to see tangible results and stay on plan.

  • Create an environment where healthy choices and habits come easily to you so you will actually believe that you can do this (half the battle).

"With every step that I did, my biggest piece that I've learned from Ileka was my MINDSET!"

Pamela - Age 57, Proj. Exec.

"Ileka provides a super safe and fun environment. You will also get a lot of knowledge."

Hua - Age 45, Entrepreneur

Simi (Age 52, Mindset Coach) is down 22 lbs in 2 months working toward her goal

As a powerhouse woman who lost 120 lbs in a year myself & kept it off for the past 6 years. I work with awesome women who want to fuel themselves to lose the weight while embracing their sexy curves. Using my Reclaim Your Curves Methodology, we do this without giving up the lifestyle they love.

I'm a mom of 4 and former business consultant who traveled weekly, turned entrepreneur.

I know how busy we are and how little time we commit to focus on ourselves or our health.

In this masterclass, we are identifying specific areas to focus on to lose the weight and improve your health so you can have more energy, feel better, and have more clarity.

It's time for a plan that is customized to you and that will actually work long term!